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What is Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)?

(MIM) is an industry leading identity management software solution designed to manage the identity lifecycle of user accounts and identities across a wide range of services and applications. With powerful workflow capabilities, MIM can manage the entire onboarding and offboarding lifecycle of identities across your enterprise.
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Is Microsoft Identity Manager Right for My Business?

  • Automatically provision, manage, disable and delete user identities
  • Design customized workflows to execute actions and perform authorizations for key resources and secured access
  • Provide self-service capabilities for password resets and account lockouts for on-premises users
  • Keep your identity data current in near real-time by utilizing your Employee Information System or HR Management System as the source of authority for identity information across your business applications
  • Employ Privileged Access Management capabilities to mitigate common, high impact IT Security risks by locking down and hardening highly privileged accounts and access. Grant privileged access only to those who truly need it - and only for as long as is needed to perform privileged access functions.

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