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Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based device management platform that allows businesses to manage and secure their employees' mobile devices and computers. With Intune, organizations can control access to company resources and data, enforce security policies, and manage software updates and configurations across a wide range of devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Intune provides a unified console for IT administrators to monitor device compliance and troubleshoot issues, and it integrates with other Microsoft tools, such as Azure Active Directory and Office 365, to provide a comprehensive device management solution. Overall, Intune helps businesses ensure the security and productivity of their workforce, no matter where they are working from.
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Is Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Intune Right for My Business?

  • Manage all your devices - cell phones, workstations, laptops, PCs/Macs - AND all of your enterprise applications from a single service.
  • Deploy standard application packages and profiles to standardize and streamline the deployment, and management of, your corporate devices and applications
  • Monitor and report on device health, compliance, and execute actions based on data collections
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Why Technet UC for Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Intune?

  • Gold Partner
  • Experts in the design, deployment, migration and support of Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Delivered large number of deployments, migrations and assessments varying in size and scope
  • Quality & Reliability - we consistently deliver top tier services.

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