Microsoft Exchange is a messaging and collaboration platform designed for businesses and organizations to manage their email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. It provides a centralized system for communication and collaboration among employees, enabling them to share resources and coordinate activities more efficiently. Exchange supports various protocols, including Microsoft's proprietary MAPI, ActiveSync, and IMAP, making it compatible with a wide range of email clients and devices. Its features include shared mailboxes, public folders, mobile device management, and advanced security and compliance options. Exchange can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud via Microsoft's Office 365 subscription service.
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What Is Microsoft Exchange?

  • Leading email services platform that has become the de facto market leader worldwide
  • Native integration with Microsoft Office (Outlook), which is also the #1 productivity suite worldwide

Is Microsoft Exchange Right for My Business?

  • Secure e-mail communication with end to end encryption
  • There when you need it, with a 99.9% SLA
  • Native Anti-Spam and Malware protection
  • Secure administration
  • Full integration with Microsoft and other third party solutions

Why TechNet UC for Microsoft Exchange?

  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Experts in the design, deployment, migration and support of all Exchange Server versions and Exchange Online use case scenarios
  • Delivered large number of deployment projects, migrations and assessments
  • Quality & Reliability

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