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TechNet UC is a Managed Service Provider. That means we pick up where you leave off. If you are resource-constrained, we can help you manage the administration of a workload, a technology, a division, or an entire IT Department. In addition, our engineers provide Professional Services to those clients who need something assessed and remediated, designed and deployed, or rebuilt from scratch. Between Professional Services and Managed Services, TechNet UC provides the full lifecycle of services for any IT Department.
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Managed Cloud Services

If you have data in the cloud, you are using “Cloud Services”. Administering those services may seem like it is all part of the package. But how is your data secured? How is it being accessed? Are costs being managed or budgets being applied? And what to do when you need new services or integrated services? Whether the questions surround Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, or sharing data with Business Partners, it is critical you watch this traffic. Gaining visibility on logins, bad logins, risk situations and violations of compliance AS THEY HAPPEN is vital to staying secure in the cloud.

TechNet UC provides layered managed cloud services in this area that extend from notification to troubleshooting to escalation to investigation and resolution. These services are designed to provide the visibility and clarity required when keeping a cloud environment safe.
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Managed IT

TechNet UC becomes an extension of the IT Department. Managing the daily, weekly, monthly tasks that are seen as “tech debt” in most IT datacenters, Technet UC provides a managed IT experience that offloads those administrative tasks and replaces them with regular updates demonstrating the ongoing stability of a well-administered environment.
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Security & Managed Endpoint

TechNet UC deploys Intune as part of Microsoft's Endpoint Manager (MEM) and integrate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE), the best threat management platform in the industry today. With these “best in breed” tools, TechNet UC is able to extend our client’s reach to any part of the world with internet and manage and maintain the entire remote workforce.
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Why Use TechNet UC?

TechNet UC retains some of the best engineers in the nation with respect to deploying Microsoft Endpoint Manager. With specializations in Hybrid Azure AD Join and a depth of skills in Always-On VPN Deployments and Two-Tier PKI, TechNet UC is one of the few Managed Services providers with skills in all these areas. TechNet UC is also one of the only Microsoft Partners outside of Microsoft to provide a deep range of skills across Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), Teams Voice, and other Identity Migrations that we currently support.

These skills have taken years to develop and more years to bring together all in one place. With our industry-leading technology skill sets, we set the bar for other service providers.
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