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The path to Modern Workplace became a veritable superhighway almost overnight in early 2020 for a vast majority of organizations that just… weren’t ready. Fortunately we all got it done, with varying success. Since then, some of those highways have suffered while others flourished. Still others have become rutted dirt tracks, overgrown with disuse.

Moving forward, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new road. This road is stable, it’s wide, and it starts with TechNet UC. Let us help you in your journey to the cloud, whether you are just starting, are midway through, or are ready to pick the journey up from where you left off.

TechNet UC excels at finding the right balance between remote, hybrid, or agile workplace for each organization by understanding our clients and their needs. We don’t try to make their situation fit our solution. We design new environments to take advantage of our customer’s strengths, minimizing their weaknesses, and optimizing their costs.

TechNet has been a leader in developing remote workplace environments, creating collaborative infrastructures for a “team” dynamic for even the most distributed workforce. By passing workloads to the cloud, TechNet UC has mastered moving data seamlessly between office infrastructure and remote workplace, without giving up security and compliance in the process.

Modern means mobile, and it means secure. TechNet UC can help you establish the individual as the new “edge” of your security platform. The employee is the first line of defense against data breach, cyberattack and security leaks.

If you worry that your Modern Workplace is mired on a dark, rutted road TechNet UC has the answer!

Why Choose Technet UC?

We are experts that differentiate ourselves by focusing on the core technologies that are paramount to implementing a successful digital transformation

  • Office 365
  • Exchange Online
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Teamwork and UCC
  • Modern Authentication
  • Security

What We Do

We Partner

TechNet UC works with our clients to grow their technology at their pace, on their timeline, in the most secure and compliant way NOW without having to worry about securing their data AFTER leaks have occurred. TechNet UC’s main priority is to BE the voice of authority in technical decisions our clients have grown to rely on and respect.

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We Design

TechNet UC employs some of the best consultative minds in the industry. We are capable of bringing to bear unique, customized solutions or present out-of-the-box “best practice” solutions; each where it fits the client’s needs. Not ours. Our designs are complete, include attention to detail, and bring to bear a maturity in security and compliance that is the hallmark of TechNet UC work.

Our designs demonstrate knowledge, consistency, and efficacy and are a requirement before we perform any implementation. Without a design, there is no plan. Without a plan, success becomes something you chase, not something to achieve.

We Deploy

Once our consultants have proposed and designed a solution, TechNet UC’s Professional Services Engineers engage with the client to provide more than just competence. They provide an excellence of delivery that combines their knowledge and communications skills with that “little bit extra” that TechNet UC has become known for.

With TechNet UC, our customers have truly come to “expect the best”.

We Administer & Support

With the addition of Managed Services and Support, TechNet UC closes the loop on the technology lifecycle for our customers. We provide daily, weekly, monthly and as-needed support for those workloads assigned to us. TechNet UC keeps these workloads optimized and review them regularly in client-facing meetings.

This communication keeps the number of issues that may otherwise get generated from entering the ticket queue. If our clients don’t know we are there, and they are able to work without hindrance, we have done our jobs.

What We Offer

TechNet UC has offerings in the following areas:

Unified Communications - Teams Voice Deployments

  • Ribbon Session Border Controllers (SBCs)
  • AudioCodes SBCs
  • SBCaaS
  • DRaaS
  • Operator Connect
  • Calling Plans

Microsoft Modern Workplace

  • Unified Endpoint Management thru Intune
  • Security with M365 Security and Compliance
  • Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication

Cloud Migrations

  • Active Directory to Hybrid Azure AD Migrations for usersGroupsDevices
  • AD to AD Migrations to support corporate mergers, acquisitions or divestitures (Multiple Forest merger, Forest to Forest Trusts, Forest Divestiture, etc)
  • Azure AD to Azure AD Tenant Migrations
  • Sharepoint Migrations

Identity and Security

  • Azure AD Connect
  • Azure AD SSO Enterprise Applications
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Conditional Access
  • Security and Regulatory Compliance Baselines
  • Governance with Privileged Identity Management
  • Microsoft Identity Manager

How We Do It

TechNet UC is dedicated to continue to grow in this way by hiring the most devoted fans of technology and training them to be great at what we do. We can then continue to offer great services and an unsurpassed commitment to provide those services to ALL our clients. We strive to create a culture where excellence begets excellence.

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Who We Are

TechNet UC is Steve. It’s Matt and Michael. It’s Kurt and Phil. It’s Mike and John and Evan and Sam and… it’s great people with a desire to do great things. In our hearts, we all really enjoy this kind of work and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Mix that passion with some good old hard work… and you have us! TechNet UC!

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